About Us

Our team at Top Dogs Day Stay are a pretty brilliant lot, they’re energetic, they love what they do and they are very good at it too.  The team are either trained in the dog industry, specialising in animal management and wellbeing.  Altogether there is an abundance of knowledge and experience and we are happy to impart as much information and advice as you need or want. Just ask!
Angela – Top Dogs Day Stay Owner

To me, the two most important things within this business are our professional team and the high-quality care and attention they provide, every single day, to our Day Stay dogs. Secondly, our loyal clients and the wellbeing of their dogs. Without these two key factors forever being at the forefront as our drivers, we wouldn’t be operating from the passionate, empathetic and knowledgeable place that we are.

We do things a little differently around here it’s what sets us apart. We like the very hands on, personal approach with each dog. On a daily basis we focus on teaching manners and supplying both calm stimulation and energetic play so that between us and you we are working together to create a content, respectful companion. One that will want to rest his weary head at the end of a fun and happy day with us. Our Clients keep returning because their dogs are content, they’re exercised, socialised and treated with the upmost level of attention and care – they feel good, so you feel good.