Booking at TD’s

It is easy to use our online booking tool and get an instant booking confirmation. We suggest that clients use the online booking tool where possible, to book their dog’s days here at Top Dogs!

This works well for us all, as we can plan our days in advance and it also guarantees your dog a space for your chosen day by sending you back a confirmation email. Yay!
TIP: If you are having issues logging on to the online booking system try clearing the cache on your browser.

Other ways to book with us are easy too – just use one of the following 3 as listed below:

1) Send an email – we will reply with confirmation of your chosen days.
2) Give us a call/send a text – our number is 021 522 156. We will ring back or reply to your message to confirm your booking.
3) Book in at the front desk – simply ask a member of the team to book your dog in for your chosen day!

The online booking system is very user friendly and we have a handy how-to available to download and print here. You simply “add” your preferred daycare days to your basket and then check out! As this is a booking service only you will need to pay for your dog’s stay with us at the front desk, or you will already have a pre-purchased pass to use. This system automatically lets us know which days you have booked.

If you do not have a booking and decided to drop in to us by chance we cannot guarantee we will be able to take your dog if you have not booked in any of the above ways. We do not like to turn anyone away at the door so please let us know in advance if you will need daycare!

As a reminder if you do need to change a booking please do so on line or send us an email/text so that your space can then be available for another client to use. Cheers!

Thank you so much for choosing Top Dogs – we are all here to look after your four legged friends day care needs and give them a fabulous time!