Dog Day Stay

Like your dog, our dogs are a big part of the family and their welfare is of the utmost importance. All dogs in our care are treated with the same respect and empathy they receive at home, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Hours, parking and location

Our Day Stay hours run from 7.15am through to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday at our central location – 136 Marua Road/Unit 7. Morning drop off is from opening till 10.00am. Evening pickups start from 3.00pm till closing. Parking is directly outside our front door – great for a quick morning drop-off which we hope helps to start your day in a stress-free way!

Our daily positive rewards programme

Top Dogs Day Stay is not only a place for dogs to socialise and have fun with friends, but it’s also where your dog will develop new skills. Our dog handling team work with all dogs on not jumping up, sitting and wait/stay commands using positive reinforcement and reward training methods. Dogs just revel in being part of our supportive, fun and happy dog community.

Experienced handlers

Throughout the day your dogs will be supervised to ensure they are playing in a well-mannered way. Each individual dog and their personality and needs are cared for. Social dog groups are created based on their personality and energy levels, not necessarily just on size or breed. Our team of handlers love what they do, and it shows in the happy dogs you collect at the end of the day!

I bet, like a lot of our clients, you can feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone, or that he’s bored, that he should be around other dogs more, that he needs more exercise. Or maybe you want him to have a few days where he gets a total change of scene, gets to feel like a real dog and develops a few friends along the way. Or maybe he needs some training, or a little work on manners?

Day Stay shouldn’t be thought of as a luxury – the wellbeing of your dog is not a luxury but a necessity and with our range of day stay and wellbeing services he’ll be in top condition.

Book Online

We have an online booking system here for all dogs who are already enrolled in Day Stay. Please do not use the online booking tool if your dog hasn’t had an orientation day with us!

Bookable days show in green and non-bookable show in white or fully brown. Once you have made your bookings and “Check Out” you will receive an email confirming the days you have booked – easy! Above the calendar will be the dates that we are closed for public holidays.