Our new service: Top Dogs “EXPLORE” is now in full swing! Every Friday 4/5 dogs and two of our handlers set off for an hour long walk at Waiatarua Park.  All the dogs and the team enjoy getting out and really stretching their legs! It’s also a perfect opportunity to reinforce the “come” command, what more could you ask for? The 15 minute walk to and from the park focuses on practising good on-lead behaviour. Whilst at the park the dogs are either off leash or on long line, depending on recall ability. Included in the price is a leg/feet wash and dry back at Top Dogs, where they then continue their day stay fun!


Check out our Facebook for photos: https://www.facebook.com/pg/topdogsdaystay/photos/


The Details

When: Every Friday, weather permitting

Where: From Top Dogs to Waiatarua Park and return

How much: Add $35 to your day stay day