1.       How do I enrol? 

All information for enrolling your dog into Top Dogs Day Stay can be found on our website here.

2.       How old do puppies need to be before they can come to daycare?

All puppies must have received their full set of vaccinations. This is usually 3/4 months of age. If you are uncertain about your puppy’s vaccinations, get in touch with your vet for confirmation.

3.       Do you take entire/un-neutered dogs?

We take entire male dogs up to the age of 6 months. After this your dog’s registration will become inactive until they have been neutered. We do take entire females up to 9 months; however, we do not take them when ‘on heat’ or for a period of 2 weeks following their final bleed. If they are not spayed by 9 months, your dog’s registration will become inactive.

4.       What happens if my dog does not pass the orientation day?

If we feel he/she may settle down, we will suggest your dog completes another orientation day and see how that goes. All dogs complete a 5 visit probation period following their orientation to ensure they settle into our daycare and routines.

5.       How long does my dog’s registration last?

If all our T&Cs are followed, then your dog’s registration will be ongoing. Inactive registration occurs if your dog has not attended Top Dogs for a period of 8 weeks, or if you fail to meet our conditions (up-to-date vaccinations, payments completed on time, neutered males over 6 months). If your dog’s registration becomes inactive and you wish your dog to resume regular daycare you will need to re-register, following the same process as a new dog enrolment.

6.      What vaccinations does my dog need to join Top Dogs?

Your dog needs to be treated for fleas and worms on a regular programme. We require all dogs joining us to be fully vaccinated and updated yearly for: DHPPi / DHP, Leptospirosis (Lepto) and Kennel Cough (KC or CC). All owners are required to keep Top Dogs up to date with your dog’s health and vaccination certificates.

7.       How do I book daycare days for my dog?

Registered dogs can use our online booking system here.

8.       Can I cancel my dog’s booking in advance if my plans change?

Yes, you can cancel either by logging into your Dashboard and heading to ‘Bookings’ or directly with the office; by email, text or phone.

9.       How do I pay for my dog’s daycare day?

All daycare is to be paid for prior to your dog’s day at daycare.  You can pay by Eftpos (no credit) in the office, by direct credit to our bank account or by using the remaining days on your advance pass to pay for your dog’s day. 

10.       Do you offer half-days?

No, we do not offer half-days.