Top Dogs new plaited leather lead is now available – this is the story of how it has come to be.

Over the last few years our day stay dog registrations have shown a change in the breeds which have become popular – we now have many more smaller dog breeds, a wide range with different poodle/spaniel & other small breed crosses. This has created a delightful mix of smaller dogs for our team to enjoy and care for.

We have always sold our beautiful bridle leather quality leads with two widths. 16mm, for smaller to medium sized dogs and the wider 19mm for larger dogs. Both lead widths coming in various styles, and colour options. These leads last years and years and we love selling them as they are a superb item in all ways.

Recently, we have been working with a leather craftsman to design and develop a lead that will suit our smaller breed dogs. Together we have come up with a beautiful, plaited leather lead with solid brass fittings. We have done prototypes and trials of these leads before finally settling on this, our very own Top Dogs plaited lead. The leads are excellent as a training tool as well as for a strong, safe, and supple walking lead. Our first order has just been delivered so we can now offer these from our online store which we ship out directly to you.

We are absolutely delighted with our new plaited lead and can’t wait for you to have one of your own to enjoy the lightness and soft suppleness for yourselves.

There are four colours available: Black, Rich Brown, Bright Tan, and Olive.  Our initial stocks are limited for this first order, which is ready to ship out to you.  If you really want our new plaited lead now, get in FAST.  We do have a second order coming, but we have not yet had our delivery date confirmed.

Lead description and features:

  • Width 13mm
  • Length 140 – 142cm
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Plaited details at top & bottom – leading up to the handle and down to the brass clip
  • Leather edges carefully sealed with leather dye, providing high quality finish
  • Multi-use solid brass D ring secured between solid brass studs at the handle end, useful for tidying away your lead when not in use (see photos) or good for clipping your pick-up bag plus other items you may wish to have with you
  • Lead can be converted to a solid circle by looping around a tree or post. You can then thread the lead through your dog’s collar should you need to secure your dog at any time.

Head to the shop to purchase one for your own Top Dog!