‘Whoever said you can’t buy happiness, forgot little puppies’
– Gene Hill

Top Dogs Terms of Trade – April 2024

Casual day $50 fee:
All casual day stays and the purchase of advance passes are to be paid either by online banking OR by Eftpos in the morning at drop off, prior to your dog’s stay with us.

5-day and 10-day pass:
A block of either 5-day or 10-day sessions can be purchased in advance at a reduced daily rate for your dog’s day stay with us. A five-day pass to be used within 1/3/6 weeks and ten-day pass to be used within 2/4/8 weeks. We will notify you when you have reached the last day of your pass and give you a reconciliation of the use of your card.




What you need to know:

  • If your dog’s pass has run out and your dog is in for Day Stay and if you have not purchased another “pass” prior to your dog having their day with us, then that day is charged as a casual day fee.
  • If your dog is booked in for the day and you have not let us know that your dog will not be attending, then you will be charged for that day. If your dog no longer requires day care for a specific day, please cancel the booking via text or email (within office hours) so that a space is available for another dog.
  • Late fees may be charged at a rate of $10 for each 10 minutes after our 6pm close time and thereafter an additional $10 for each 10 minutes or part thereof.
  • Pick up time is to be by 5.55pm as day care closes promptly at 6pm.
  • Top Dogs is a regular Daycare Service. We DO NOT register dogs for “casual only” daycare. Your dog must attend at least 3 days in a 4-week period.
  • If your dog has not been to daycare for 8 weeks, then your dog’s registration will automatically become ‘inactive’ and you will have to re-register with Top Dogs.

These “Terms of Trade” may be updated from time to time.