October saw 5 gorgeous dogs obtain Top Dog status! Congrats to all the winners!

JJ has been attending Top Dogs since she was just a teeny tiny pup! Now she’s almost 1 and has matured into a confident, well-behaved pooch. This week JJ has impressed the staff with how social she’s been. She has been encouraging games of chase and a bit of rough and tumble with her day stay mates. When she’s not up for that, you can often find her chasing her favourite ball around. She’s a typical collie! Well done JJ, you are a star!

We have been thoroughly impressed with the improvements in Bear’s behaviour whilst at Day Stay! He is maturing into a well-mannered boy who now knows boundaries. Bear responds well to the handlers and his basic obedience has improved dramatically. He is a pleasure to take on his training walks – with excellent recall and hardly any pulling on lead! Well done Bear!

This little chap is an energetic and playful member of the Top Dogs family! Charley loves to play chase with his trusty group of friends. He is fast on his little legs and always manages to catch the blue ball in record time! Charley gets on well with all the dogs here and is friendly and responsive with the handlers. Well done Charley!

Boisterous beagle Bernie is all about play time at Day Stay! Bernie has settled in well with all the dogs here and is full of enthusiasm for games of any sort! He is a real character and makes the team smile each time he is in! Bernie responds well to the handlers and loves clambering on the team for a snuggle! Well done Bernie!

Gentle giant Bodie is a Day Stay regular who has been with our Top Dogs family for years! He loves going out on his walks and is so responsive and well behaved. Bodie has the team cracking up when he tries to get out of having his nails clipped by rolling on his back, paws in the air! He enjoys a good game of fetch even if he won’t bring the toy back to you and wants you to chase him instead! Well done Bodie – there’s never a dull moment with you around!