It’s that time of the year where glorious sunshine is replaced by torrential downpours and southerlies in the blink of an eye! Spring is an exciting time for dogs – they get to spend more time outdoors as the weather improves and meet up with lots of doggy mates!


Spring is also a time for owners to be aware of some of the dangers that come with the changing season.


  1. The warmer weather means increasing numbers of ticks and fleas – make you sure you keep up to date with regular treatment! 
  2. Dogs, like humans, can also develop allergies and often these present themselves during springtime. They commonly occur as skin irritations, so watch out for increased scratching.
  3. After winter you and your pooch should ease gently back into exercise, especially if you’ve had a pretty inactive winter break!
  4. You might suddenly feel the urge to do some spring cleaning now the weather is brightening up – be careful to keep cleaning products out of reach, many are harmful to dogs. The same applies to fertiliser and pesticides if you’re sprucing up the garden. Either fence off the areas that have been treated or invest in some pet safe alternatives!


Here at Top Dogs we are loving the approach to summer and as usual will keep the closest of eyes on your dogs! Happy Spring 🙂