Round up for 2 months – enjoy!

Benny is a real character whose personality shines through at Day Stay! He is a social little man who wants to initiate play with everyone! The team are impressed with his developing obedience skills and his well-mannered play. Benny loves a game of chase and has improved greatly at settling down during rest time! Well done Benny!
This beagle has developed well socially since starting at day care. He now initiates play and is much less anxious during the day! Benny is still a big softie and enjoys quiet time with the handlers. The team has been thoroughly impressed with his improvement – he is becoming a happy and settled boy! Well done Benny!
The team have noticed a huge improvement in this girl’s behaviour over the past few weeks. She responds well to commands and plays enthusiastically with the other dogs. Indie has quietened down a lot during rest time and can even be found napping after a particularly energetic day! Indie is steadily learning good manners like not jumping up and waiting before gates are opened. Well done Indie – you are making great leaps in good behaviour!
This bouncy girl has come along in leaps and bounds since she first started here! She is much less anxious throughout the day and happily settles at rest time. Macey loves to play with all the little dogs, whether it’s a game of chase or some not-so rough and tumble! She is also pretty good at fetch with the handlers! Well done Macey!
This week Marley has impressed us with her settled behaviour, especially as she is missing her brother! She loves to play ball games with the handlers and is an ace at her commands. Marley also is a big softie and will happily settle down for a snuggle with the team. Well done Marley!
This little cutie loves nothing more than climbing onto our shoulders and impressing us with his acrobatic play – we sometimes think he might be part cat! Oscar has been impressing us each day as he is making lots of new friends and is learning to really embrace his nap time.
Congratulations Oscar, we absolutely love having you with us. <3
This beautiful Golden is the life and soul of the Top Dogs party! Layla rushes into Day Stay and never stops until home time! She is well mannered and plays with all of the dogs here. She shows all the new dogs how much fun it is to be a part of the TD’s family! Layla loves to bring the handlers a toy, or three, to tempt them into a game of tug of war. Well done Layla, you are an absolute delight!