Here’s our fabulous bunch of Top Dogs for the month of March!

Jax is a regular here at Day Stay. He’s a friendly and responsive dog, who you can’t help but love! This year he has really shown us his energetic personality and passion for toys! If the paddling pool is out, Jax will be there! If you’re playing fetch, Jax will be there! If you’re giving out new toys, Jax will be front of the line! Thanks Jax for always bringing a smile to the team!

Teddy is a friendly and playful dog who enjoys cuddles! He loves going on the weekly Explore walks and has improved his on-lead behaviour throughout this time. Teddy never fails to make the team smile, especially when he rolls over for his tummy tickled! This lovable lad gets along with all of the crew at Top Dogs – well done Teddy!

Ted joined us in June last year and since this time has matured into a playful water dog – he loves the paddling pool! In the last few months the team has noticed how well Ted has improved his listening skills and calmed down during rest time. He’s a friendly dog that loves bringing you his choice of toy! Well done Ted!

Gorgeous Leo has improved tremendously since starting at Day Stay! He has gained confidence socially and now plays chase with his little friends. He still loves the handlers and will snuggle in whenever the opportunity presents itself! We are so proud of the dog Leo is maturing in to – he has come a long way from the anxious puppy we first met!

Beautiful girl Karma is a recent addition to our TD’s family, but she has settled right in! Karma is a sociable, friendly and lovable pup who always has energy for a game of fetch! She plays well with all her puppy mates and is excellent at her basic commands (especially if a treat is involved!) Well done Karma!