At the end of each month we will showcase our wonderful Top Dogs of the week! Each of these dogs has impressed the team during the week with their behaviour at Day Stay. Their parents get to take home their Top Dog photo and I’m sure it gets pride of place on the fridge!

Shout out to our amazing camera woman Ange H who always gets a great picture of even the most bouncy and/or camera shy pups!

Pippa golden retriever
Our first Top Dog of 2019 goes to Pippa! She is such a happy dog, constantly wagging her tail and wanting to play with both the handlers and the other dogs! She has a gorgeous disposition and is always an excellent companion for new dogs who she encourages to socialise! Congrats Pippa – you are a star pupil!
Zuri (labradoodle) and Gus (schnauzer)

These two gorgeous pups are long standing members of the Top Dogs family! They are well mannered and get along with everyone at Day Stay! Gus (on the right) sneakily loves a cuddle while Zuri actively seeks strokes! Congrats guys – you are both Top Dogs
Lowchen x spaniel Monty
Monty is one smart cookie! He is exceptionally quick to pick up on commands and has impressed the team with his development since he began at Day Stay. He is fast becoming a friendly, social and well-mannered dog! Monty loves to play and always finds a friend no matter what day he bounds in to Top Dogs! Well done Monty!
Black lab Hope
This beautiful girl is a whirlwind of energy! She comes full speed into Day Stay and we love her for it! Hope is an affectionate, friendly and enthusiastic dog. She loves to play chase or tug of war and never stops wagging her tail! The team have noticed how she has grown up, especially over the last month, and has learnt that not jumping up gets her more cuddles! Well done Hope!
Chocolate lab Ted is a gentle soul! He is extremely well behaved at Day Stay and always makes the team laugh with his antics, whether it’s digging in the empty paddling pool or coming to stand between your legs for a cuddle. He is forever wagging his tail and is a great companion to dogs of all shapes and sizes! Well done Ted!