The food group “nuts” has been a subject of discussion here at Top Dogs Day Stay recently. Universally we think that as a rule of thumb, nuts are pretty risky to give to dogs and we want to share our reasons for this thinking and highlight some hazards with dog nut ingestion you may not be aware of.

For humans, nuts and nutty biscuits, baked or bar type goodies are popular and easy to snack on during the day. Alas for dogs, some nuts are just plain toxic and ingredients like sugar substitutes and artificial sweetners are not only poisonous but can be fatal for your best friend. The bottom line is that sharing a nut bar or biscuit with your dog can be a comfort to you but can have a dramatic result for him!  Dogs can tolerate a small quantity of low-fat peanuts and peanut butter, but both need to be low in sodium and sweetener free.  Almonds, Brazil Nuts, and Hazelnuts with low-fat can be eaten but should only be offered rarely. Watch so your dog doesn’t choke on shell pieces or have an allergy to that particular nut.

Individual dog tolerance to different nuts will vary but the following list of common nuts in NZ should NEVER be given to your dog: Cashews, Macadamia Nuts, Pecans, Pistachios or Walnuts.  To keep your dog safe from nuts watch for situations that can trip us up e.g.

  • Keep human snacks and bowls of nuts, nutty biscuits, fruit cake etc out of reach of your dog
  • If you have nut producing trees in the garden ensure you clean up fallen nuts right away

In a nutshell! this is why we think the safest way is, to avoid offering any nuts AT ALL to your beloved dog.