With October over it only means one thing for many pet owners – the stress of Guy Fawkes night is just around the corner. We have put together some Top Dogs Tips for keeping your dog calm at this time of year.


First and foremost, planning ahead is key. Proper identification (collar with tag & microchip), keeping your dog inside and making sure they have company are the main ways to ensure the safety of your four legged friend.


  • Exercise your dog during the day. Add a walk to your day here at TD’s if you need.
  • Keep them indoors, and if possible stay home with them.
  • Close outside doors and windows, but leave internal doors open so they don’t feel trapped.
  • Provide background noise before the fireworks start: TV, radio, even the washing machine!
  • Make sure they have a “safe” space to hide e.g. a crate or basket hidden under a table.
  • Try to behave as normally as possible – dogs are perceptive and your behaviour changes could cause them to become more anxious.
  • Do comfort your dog if they won’t leave your side – ignoring them at this stage is even more scary for them.
  • Never punish your dog when they are scared – even if the behaviour has become destructive.
  • Try distracting your dog during this time – a mentally challenging game is a great idea.











Dog’s distress can manifest in many ways. Increased panting, pacing, drooling, trembling, destructiveness and unexpected soiling are all signs of anxiety. If you are especially worried about your dogs reactions to fireworks speak with your vet prior to November 5th. 

See the SPCA page on Guy Fawkes for more information: https://www.spca.nz/advice-and-welfare/article/keep-animals-safe-around-fireworks