Mariana Vavalis is a dog barber, who after training with Angels Academy, started her own business “Scruff to Fluff”. She says, “I had such a fab time during my training, it was pretty much like a ‘coming home’ as I realised that grooming and working with dogs was totally my dream job”.

Mariana works out of our premises here on Marua Road, which is proving to be convenient for many of our day stay clients – you can drop your dog off for a day of fun and they can have a groom too!

She does a fantastic job (as you can see from Raphie, Pip & Flash’s shots!) and has such a kind and gentle way with the dogs – we are thrilled to have her as part of the team! She books her clients at least 1 week in advance so make an appointment here or get in touch ([email protected]) to get your scruffy pooch looking fluffy and wonderful for the Christmas party season!